Powerful Messages

In Every Frame

From a starting point in ceramics as a creative practise, Matt later became increasingly intrigued in the medium of photography. Beginning with a 35mm lens, he moved through medium format film cameras before arriving at digital, technology just emerging at the time. This was something that begun as a further means of exploration during his travels, but quickly went on to become a subject of consuming interest. He spent a year in both Australia and New Zealand, travelling in two campervans, decked out for the open road. He spent time in South East Asia where he developed a love for not only the culture but also the cooking and sampling of Asian food. These trips were packed full of happy memories and experiences, from skydiving, white water rafting and general extreme madness in New Zealand, to fishing trips and sand dune racing in Australia. The photo documentation series of his overseas trips compelled Matt to venture into photography as a profession.\r\n‘What excites me about photography is the ability to deliver a powerful message in not only a series of images but also within a single frame. With every single shot I strive to deliver imagery that is both striking and timeless.’\r\n

Turning Professional

Commercial Photography Practice

From a BA (Hons) in Photography at the University of Plymouth he went on to work as a photographic assistant on commercial shoots in a number of major sectors, from automotive shoots (Bentley Motors, Subaru, Caterpillar) to Fashion editorial work (The Scotland On Sunday Newspaper). During this time Matt was also branching out, honing his skills as a portrait and commercial product photographer. Collaborations with various fashion designers, makeup artists and stylists followed. Matt found particular enjoyment working within a team of creative individuals to achieve a striking level of imagery, an enormously exciting project to be a part of. More recently Matt has started to work extensively on high-end interiors for clients such as restaurants, hotels, spas and historic buildings, building a client base and working with businesses looking to enhance their visual ideas for the future.

Inspired Journeys

Creative Studio

Matt travels extensively for his work as a commercial product photographer, throughout the UK and worldwide. It is this work within new environments and diverse organisations that interests him most, seeing a company through the client’s eyes. Matt thrives when working outside of the usual photographic boundaries, creating impromptu studios in industrial spaces and working off the cuff to deliver images with something to say about their subject. His work in high end and commercial photography in Birmingham and throughout London and the Midlands has seen him become a major collaborator with design agencies and architectural studios. Whether it’s producing a series of images to enhance the stature of a business, or providing a visual story for a new product, Matt endeavours to produce exciting photographs for his clients in a highly professional, creative and open minded manner.

Matt currently lives in Leamington Spa where he works from his photographic studio. However, recent high demands as a commercial photographer in Birmingham and London are leading him to start the process of opening a Birmingham photography studio.

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